Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Solyantra - a stone of truth and intuition; develops "vision" and discernment as it relates to "vision" 32mm diameter, 8.5mm thick. A bead, hole running through center. Resonant Center: Throat, Brow


Rhodochrosite Solyantra - a stone used to balance Fire and Air energies: thus transmutation of emotion and acceptance are its' primary attributes. 33mm X 22mm, a bead. Hole running through center lengthwise.



Turquoise Solyantra - a stone used to harmonize heart-throat connection. Mind-throat connection is thought based, while the heart universally knows. This helps one begin to move towards their purpose as part of a collective consciousness, based on a unity, rather than anything conceived by human thought. 59mm diameter, 8mm thick. Resonant Center: CV20 heart area to Throat, and points in between.




Black Onyx Solyantra - a stone of discipline; aligns vision, action and presence Square 25mm x 25mm x 6mm. Hole running through center. Resonant Centers: Perineum, Solar Plexus, Brow.

Afghan Jade

Afghan Jade Solyantra - a stone used for protection from physical and psychic harm and clearing of all Energy centers (chakras). Afghan Jades come in a set of 7. 21mm diameter X 7mm thickness, a bead. Hole running through center.