About Us

We are a small and growing company with great support. Using a micrometer laser,
Sacred Geometry and what is indirectly related to it, is traced unto various mineral
compounds. We call this process Solar Tracing, somewhat how the Emerald Tablets
were spoken of being made! This makes for very precise images – if one of you hairs is
80 micrometers in diameter, the thickness of the beam of light is 5 micrometers.
Although upon contact, depending on the mineral and crystalline matrix of the stone or
gem, we receive various response as result, including color of line and depth.

Sacred Geometry is a concept that is rapidly growing in popularity. It’s roots predate all
religious context and society as we know today. The Flower of Life is considered a
creation pattern and includes (so far) 13 information systems, including the Periodic
Table of Elements, Platonic Solids and The Musical Scale.

Because it is based on the simplest mathematical shape, it takes roots deeper than the
layers of psychological and emotional perceptions. Combined with meditation, it is a
formula for rewiring poorly established neural circuits and in turn belief systems, thought
patterns, habits and character.

It is understood that from a consumers perspective price plays an important
role. Going a bit beyond monetary importance, and observing wealth on a collective level.
Depending on where you choose to channel your share of earnings, you will also be supportive
of all that is created through that channel. Our perspective is global, we have a firm grasp
on the situations taking place around the world and what would necessitate an appropriate
shift – the foundation is in the mind and heart-mind relationship is where we branch our work from.
Based on investments made thus far, each stones’ value is worth at least $70. The
instrument we use to draw designs on stones is valued at a discounted price of
$200,000, among others investments and specific knowledge required to bring such art
(stones and much else) together. We need you to Help us grow. By doing this you will
also be supporting the wave towards global Awareness. Our part in it is research in the
fields of Healing, Education and Spirituality, under the great law of compassion,
non-violence and truthfulness.

Consider the current trajectory of our planet amidst all factors playing out politically, economically and medicinally. Where would you start? Peace.